Private Cloud CRM



What is the Private Cloud?

The Private Cloud is a SaaS(Software as a Service) business extension of eZnet CRM. It grants the Enterprise user with more technical control of eZnet CRM and allows unlimited customization preferences. This option is available for Enterprise customers only and deploys an on-site desktop software, utilizing your own servers and technical support systems. If you have an in-house IT department, an on-premises CRM may be a great solution for your business.


How Does the Private Cloud Option Work?

Private Cloud or the on-premises CRM is a the conventional approach to implementing a CRM in your organization. In the process of buying the Private Cloud, you can choose the amount of users that will have access to the software. After completion of the purchase transaction, the buyer will receive an email confirmation with a license key accompanied by a maintenance agreement and download instructions. As the licensee, you have the right to distribute the software to authorized users within your company and maintain control of its functions. 


What Can I Expect From the Private Cloud?

Better performance, more flexibility, and stronger security. eZnet CRM is licensed to your company and since you are hosting the software on your own web servers, you have the power.In addition,  You will have all the functions and modules of eZnet CRM but combines the convenience of the cloud with the integration capabilities of your company. We suggest the Private Cloud for those businesses which are highly regulated and requires maximum availability and downtime. Schedule necessary updates during low productivity times to avoid sudden disruptions with day-to-day operations. Our Private Cloud option also offers multi-tenant availability and supports third-party plugins already in use by your organization.When you assimilate eZnet CRM private cloud with your other applications, it becomes an integral part your workflow and the investment becomes worth it. 

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