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eZnet CRM is an on-demand, cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to create the ultimate dashboard for you and your employees. eZnet CRM organizes all of your leads, campaigns, contacts, tickets and much more. You can also streamline your marketing organization, inventory management and customer support from a personalized dashboard.

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Setting up eZnet CRM

The initial setup of your eZnet CRM dashboard is easy and takes just minutes to create. Using highly customizable dashboard, you can tailor your CRM in many ways to make it more functional for your business.

Setting up eZnetCRM


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Getting Started

Define your company settings, account settings, global settings and also, control the security levels in your account by creating the roles, profiles, permissions, and groups for the users.

Getting Started with eZnetCRM


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Data Administration

Import your data into eZnet CRM, keep track of the import details and also export your data anytime. Manage your customer documents, personalize email template and create alerts.

Data Administration - eZnetCRM


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Customer Support

Facilitate better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system. Keep track of your customer needs by creating and assigning tickets with eZnet CRM.

Customer Support - eZnetCRM


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Marketing Automation

Plan, execute and monitor the performance of marketing activities with the Campaign function. Manage campaign performance with integrated lead and opportunity modules.

Marketing Automation - eZnetCRM


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Basics of eZnet CRM

Learn about the software that is changing the way business organize their clients and customers. This detailed overview goes over terminologies and various modules available with eZnet CRM.

eZnet CRM basics


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Administrative Settings

Add, modify, activate-deactivate users using the actions available. Create territory, as the demarcation of the sales structure and territory rules to identify sub-territories and manager.

Administrative Settings eZnetCRM


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Inventory Management

Monitor the procurement and sale of goods or services and manage the pre-sales and post-sales activities in a single application using item masters. Import-Export products in a single click.

Inventory Management & eZnetCRM


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Sales Automation

Track leads, prospects, contacts, customers and close more deals in less time. Generate reports and keep customer data organized for up-selling & cross-selling opportunities.

Sales Automation - eZnetCRM


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Billing and Payments

Manage all your subscription, account and billing details; upgrade or downgrade your account anytime with eZnet CRM affordable pay-as-you-go pricing for all packages; whenever you need.

Sales Automation - eZnetCRM





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